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IUDeC – International Urban Design Competition Studio

The IUDeCS International Urban Design Competition Studio is a student competition jointly organized by the ISU – Institute for Sustainable Urbanism, TU Braunschweig and the CAUP College of Architecture and Planning, Tongji University. It brings together students from both universities to jointly explore solutions to one of mankinds most urgent challenges: sustainable urban development. Together, we seek to investigate sustainable strategies and future-proof concepts for „Low Carbon Communities” in Germany and China. We explore the potentials of real existing sites, to propose pathways for a livable and sustainable future.

The teams from Germany and China work towards the same goal, but on sites in their own country with local university peers. After submission, an interdisciplinary jury with specialists from China and Germany will jointly evaluate the submitted proposals. Projects from both universities will be awarded. In an experimental approach, the jury will be held online so that all participants can listen in and experience the jury’s discussion. This will facilitate learning across borders and cultures.

IUDeCS is hosted for the first time. For us, IUDeCS is an open process and experiment by which we seek to explore new ways of collaborating in teaching across time zones, borders and cultures. Please, bear with us, should we have not foreseen difficulties that may arise during the competition process. Should our joined endeavour generate positive results, we are planning to open IUDeCS to more universities in coming years.


We wish you best of luck for the competition!


Prof. Dr. Vanessa Miriam Carlow, Prof. Dr. Nannan Dong, 
Olaf Mumm, Chantal Karadag and the IUDeCS Team

Public Jury Session

Anonymous login via Webex

Wednesday, February 15

08:30 am – 12:30 pm (CET)
03:30 pm – 07:30 pm (CST)

The submitted works will be discussed in a public jury session and the best works will be awarded. Opening up the jury session will provide an opportunity to gain insight into the process of a competition and how it is perceived and evaluated by third parties.


08:30 – 08:40    Welcome and Introduction 
08:40 – 08:55    Presentation of the jury 
08:55 – 09:15    Introduction to the competition + valuation criteria 
09:15 – 10:00    Introduction to qualified projects
10:00 – 10:10    Tea Break 
10:10 – 10:55    Evaluation round 1 
10:55 – 11:00    Tea break 
11:00 – 11:45    Evaluation round 2 
11:45 – 11:55    Jury protocol: Conclusion protocol
11:55 – 12:10    Award of prizes
12:25 – 12:30    Closing Words


Main objective of the international idea competition is to design a Low Carbon Community of each 10,000 people for a respective site in Berlin, Germany and Shanghai, China. The term of Low Carbon Community for us envisions qualitative and quantitative aspects alike. How will we accommodate the urban growth of the nearby future without risking present and future generations livelihood? What is necessary to build a lively, sustainable urban town or district that has a high quality of life, fosters feelings of belonging and social cohesion? How is such a new urban district designed to use as few resources as necessary? How can such a new district or town provide resources or amenities for existing neighbourhoods with a lack thereof? The goal of this student competition is to explore the two given sites to understand their spatial, social, environmental, and economic realities and, based on that, to develop specific proposals for transforming the areas into a Low Carbon Community.


The Competition Brief and related documents will be published on on  10 October 2022 (Site: China) resp. 24 October 2022 (Site: Germany).


Available 10.10.2022


Available 24.10.2022

Think bold, be brave, be precise, and passionate!


The competition entries will be judged and evaluated by an international renowned jury.

In an experimental approach, the jury will be held online so that all participants can listen in and experience the jury’s discussion.


Jury Member

Prof. Dr. Martin Prominski

Leibniz University Hannover, Institute of Open Space Planning and Design, Department of Designing Urban Landscapes


G.-Prof. Dr. Josefine Fokdal

Sustainable Cities and Communities, University Kassel



Jury Member

Prof. Dr. Xin Wang

College of Architecture and Urban Planning and Joint International Research Laboratory of Eco-Urban Design, Ministry of Education

Jury member

Dou Zhang

Co-Director of Sasaki’s Shanghai office, initiator of Shanghai Landscape Forum, and USGBC Leadership Award winner. 

Advisory Members

advisory member

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Carlow

TU Braunschweig, Institute for Sustainable Urbanism

Co-Speaker of TU Braunschweig’s core research area FUTURE CITY

advisory member

Prof. Dr. Nannan Dong

Tongji University Shanghai, Department of Landscape Studies, College of Architecture and Urban Planning



Each member of the winning team will be awarded 

a one year subscription of a national professional journal:

– China: Landscape Architecture Academic Journal 

– Germany: ARCH+ (

Furthermore the awarded works will be published in an exhibition in China and Germany along with an accompanying publication. As the pandemic and finances of the two institutions will permit, the awarded participants will join bilateral excursions in China or Germany.



TONGJI 10.10.2022 – 09.01.2023

10.10. Publication of Competition Brief 
20.10. Closing Date for Questions
30.11. Interim Presentation I
21.12. Interim Presentation II
26.12. Registration Deadline
09.01. Submission Deadline

TU BRAUNSCHWEIG 26.10.2022 – 23.01.2023

24.10. Publication of Competition Brief
03.11. Closing Date for Questions 
08.11. Interim Presentation I
14.12. Interim Presentation II
09.01. Registration Deadline
23.01. Submission Deadline

08.02.2023     PRE-JURY

15.02.2023     JURY LIVE ONLINE



Questions regarding the competition task can be submitted until 20 October 2022, 11pm CST (Site: China) / 03 November 2022, 11pm CET (Site: Germany) to The answers will be published anonymously on Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any further questions. We will check the request and publish the answer if appropriate. All participants will be able to read all questions and all answers.

Send your questions here


The following competition documents are available for download in the download area of IUDeCS from 10.10.2022 (Site China) / 24.10.2022 (Site Germany):

The password is provided by the supervising institutes of the participating universities.

Available now: 

  1. 3D Model (DXF/DWG) of the project site
  2. General plan of the project site (DXF/DWG)
  3. Aerial image of the project site (PNG/JPG)
  4. Pictures of the project site (PNG/JPG)


In preparation:

  1. Form area calculation table (XLS)
  2. Author’s declaration form (DOC, PDF) 

The competition documents are provided solely for the purpose of working on the competition. The participants assure to use the files exclusively for this purpose. Further processing and use of the documents for other, non-contracted planning tasks is not permitted. After completion and termination of the work, the participants will delete the data provided to them on all electronic storage media.

Documents China

Available 10.10.2022

Documents Germany

Available 24.10.2022


The submission of the competition entries takes place digitally with the upload of the documents (as one ZIP file). All documents must be uploaded by

09 January 2023, 11pm CST – Site: China

23 January 2023, 11pm CET – Site: Germany

All works will be accepted for the competition, which:

• meet the formal requirements,

• correspond in essential parts to the required scope of services,

• are received on time and

• do not show any violation of the principle of anonymity.


No binding specifications will be made with regard to content. The jury will decide on admission.

Decisions, in particular on the exclusion of works, will be recorded in the minutes.

The competition language is English, the procedure is anonymous.


The following competition deliverables are required from the participants:



  1. Site plan (M 1:1.000) Visualization of the overall concept containing details on the urban integration and linkages, building volumes, functions, public and private open spaces, and infrastructure

  2. Explanatory illustrations (M 1:2.000)

    a. Leitbild / Concept, without scale;

    b. Use concept;

    c. Open space and landscape concept;

    d. Sustainability concept;

    e. Mobility concept


  3. Figure-ground diagram


  4. Detailed representation (M 1:500) of at least two self-selected areas with at least the depiction of: the essential building functions and uses, number of floors, the design of the streetscapes and public and private open spaces, in particular qualities of the emerging public spaces, green infrastructure system of local context


  5. A design-relevant sectional elevation of these areas (1:500) (north-south/east-west).


  6. Two meaningful, spatial and explanatory axonometries depicting relevant urban spaces and building configurations and atmospheres, depending on the design


  7. 3D Model with two defined views on street level (Level of detail 1:200; specifications on the submission page)


  8. Project summary – max. 5-minute video 


  9. Isometric view of the overall design (direction of view to be selected project specific)


  10. Urban design key data (form) and evaluation of ecosystem service capacity (support service, supply service, regulation service and social service).


  11. Explanatory report (max. 3,000 characters incl. spaces)


  12. Author’s declaration (form)

  13. List of submitted documents

Please use the following buttons to submit your project and name your zip-files as follows:

IUDeCS-2022_Submission_[SITE]_[GROUP X].zip

Contributions China

Submission 09.01.2023

Contributions Germany

Submission 23.01.2023

Thank you for participating in the International Urban Design Competition 2022!